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build online plugins for your website without coding in minutes

Just use our website plugin wizard to create your plugin with ease. Simple one time integration on your website or blog.

You can create plugins to collect reviews, feedback, discussions, contact forms, custom polls, recommended content and more.

customize your plugin settings to fit your needs

Design your customized plugin by adding your logo and selecting a theme to match your website.

The My Hall Monitor free online plugin wizard provides full customization options such as layout and color options along with a white label solution.

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Once your online plugin is created, you can publish it according to your needs. Our free plugins are compatible with all sorts of devices.

post the plugin on your website with ease.

publish to Wordpress or in a Blogger post.

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You can get notification emails when a plugin is used.

Login to your company control panel to view your results.

View charts and reports on your submissions.

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Why do people choose my hall monitor?
here are a few reasons why

  • Real-time feedback to improve customer retention and referrals
  • The easiest way to turn customer feedback into higher conversions
  • Independent reviews help win more new business
  • Slick, simple and fun to use user interface
  • No downloads. Online tool that you can access anywhere
  • Increase conversions with customer ratings and reviews
  • Easily integrate into their existing website
  • One place to monitor and manage all customer feedback
  • Satisfaction measurement that's fast and simple for customers
  • Tablet and mobile ready website plugins
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