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Live Site Notification Widget

Article was posted on January 21, 2014
We have added a new service so you can now add Live Site Notifications to your website! This will allow you to entice your site visistors with special promotions or just give them additional information about your products or services.
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We have listened to you!

Article was posted on November 30, 2013
Thank you for your your feedback! Due to your feedback we are creating a contact form that you can use on your website with ease. The same single line technology where you can add the custom reviews and feedback widget to your website will allow you to add a contact form to your website.
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Online Support Ticket System

Article was posted on March 14, 2013
Manage your customer support with our Support Ticket Widget for your website. Easily integrate this widget into your website and start managing your customer support from simple questions to the most complex product issue. Track support issues and clearly see what issues your company should focus on by creating reports based on support issues.
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Dashboard v4 Released

Article was posted on January 01, 2013
We have launched the all new Dashboard 4.0 that has many enhanced features. This dashboard is accessible from a computer, tablet or even mobile device giving you the ability to mange your customer feedback from anywhere. Featuring all new interface, reporting tools, message center, company micro site and access to our custom widgets for your website.
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Discussion Widget Launched

Article was posted on December 21, 2012
We have launched a new Discussion Widget that can be used on your website. This will allow you to gather feedback from many different people all in one place so they can discuss their thoughts and ideas. Simply create a "Discussion" and get the code
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Feedback Widget Launched

Article was posted on April 01, 2012
Our all new Feedback Widget has launched! Easily add feedback and reviews to your website with ease. Just a few clicks of a button will give you the code you need to add to your site. Register for your free account today.
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Enhanced Dashboard Release Coming Soon

Article was posted on February 19, 2012
We are preparing to launch an enhanced dashboard so managing your reviews will become even easier. With drag and drop capabilities you will now be able to organize and personalize your dashboard to meet your needs.
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NEW Feedback Widget

Article was posted on February 28, 2011
We are expanding our services! Currently we have a Feedback Widget under development so you can collect and analyize feedback from your customers on your website. Users will be able to post their feedback to your page that will allow you to comment a
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Personal Member Page

Article was posted on February 09, 2011
We just launched a Personal Member profile page for the Community. You are now able to save an About Me bio summary that will be posted on your Personal page in the community along wtih any reviews you have posted. Learn more about your fellow member
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New Features

Support Tickets

Signup for your FREE account and check out the new Support Ticket System which is available from a computer, tablet or mobile device. Easily manage your companies support requests from our Support Ticket System and build a knowledgebase based on what your customers are asking.

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Coming Soon...

Dashboard Features

  • Custom Survey Widget
  • Reporting Features
  • Agenda Management