Poll customers from your website or create a tradeshow poll that you can use on a tablet from anywhere.

Create custom polls for your website

Wouldn't it be great to know if the company's ideas will resonate with your customers? Of course it would!

Thats why we offer a Polling plugin that you can embed into your website to quickly and easily get the answers you need to lead your company in the right direction. Simply use our online wizard to create your own custom poll that you can easily embed into your website.

Use our Trade show Polling widget on your iPad/iPhone while at tradeshows and conferences. Now all the power and flexibility of My Hall Monitor Customer Engagement Plugins are literally at your fingertips. Provide your prospective customers with an eye-catching, enjoyable way to share their feedback with your company.

Main Features

Real time form builder

Create your forms using our basic or advanced editors. You can customize your forms, options and many other features.

Export you data

Export your form submissions from our system so you can import them into any internal system or database.

Trade shows

Use our Trade show Polling widget on your iPad/iPhone while at tradeshows and conferences.

Reports and charts

View and share reports of your submissions. You will also have the ability to tie these submissions to the other tools we offer like reviews and feedback for better tracking.

SSL Encryption

This allows you to protect your customer data with powerful SSL encryption to make sure your sensative data is safe.

Customizable themes

Customize your form to blend in with your website. Use our predefined themes to match your website with ease.

Example custom poll

What can you do with this plugin?

  • Create multiple polls that you can use on your website or blog.
  • Add your own custom question and answers for the polls.
  • Select from one of our themes to match the poll to your website or blog.
  • Polls are compatible with iPads and tablets so you can use them at tradeshows or while you're on the go.
  • Manage and track your form data using our Company Dashboard system.